Rent Roll Pro's Contact Manager is an invaluable sales management software tool for leasing agents of rental properties; it also suits the needs of real estate and other sales professionals.

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This industrial-strength sales and contact management software program is included with Rent Roll Pro. The NetPack version of Rent Roll Pro includes a standalone version of the Contact Manager that can be used for entry by one user in addition to one read only Contact Manager user, while the Property Management modules of Rent Roll Pro is in use.

Professionals need fast and easy tracking of sales leads and other important contacts. Rent Roll Pro's Contact Manager makes record keeping and managing information as easy as possible; powerful search mechanisms and reports are just a few clicks away.

Rent Roll Pro's Contact Manager is expansive: up to 99,999 records are available; each of which can be designated a Contractor, Current or Previous Resident, Applicant or Agent; each of which can belong to any or all user-defined categories; marked with an Entry Date and up to twelve alarmed user-defined Date entries; and can be Tagged with user-defined color-coded tags.

A contact can be as simple as just a name or also include the three addresses, up to 14 phone numbers, 8 email addresses, extensive notes, custom Tags and Dates, secure notes, and 7 attached files.

Contractor records include job types; those for Sales Leads include property and optionally the unit or unit type desired; Residents include the property name and the unit number.

Version 2.5 has impressive capabilities:

  • User defined Contact Tags and Tag Groups can make custom reports based on the specific needs of your properties and business.
  • Secure Notes with encrypted Social Security Numbers
  • Current Balances Report for current lessees (NetPack only)
  • copy current lessees with a click from Rent Roll Pro and use contractors in multiple property files.
  • full featured Lease Application processing; application fee invoices, taking payments and security deposits, assignment to Property / Unit, schedule of move in day and lease information.
  • payment and credit memo processing into a linked QuickBooks company file
  • statements and Security Deposit statement reports for QuickBooks transactions
  • quick links to Current Lessees for drill-down convenience between Rent Roll Pro and the Contacts
  • user-defined, reportable Custom Dates can make custom reports based on the specific needs of your properties and business.
  • creates industry standard csv export files at the click of a button allowing letters with a professional appearance to be easily created from inside Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro, WordPerfect or any full featured word processor.
  • Traffic Reports of sales leads can be viewed, printed and / or exported into a csv file. Report by date period, property (and optionally unit number or unit type) or unit type alone.
  • customizable categories allow tailoring the program to fit your specific needs
  • powerful and intuitive searches help you Find exactly who you're looking for with minimum effort; customizable Reports keep lists of found records for easy export into industry-standard files
  • undo unintentional changes to a contact's records
  • fast navigation by record number through large sets of contacts
  • time and / or date stamp a contact's notes with a single click.
  • History Reports create lists of current and previous residents, optionally limited by property, unit or unit type.
  • Compliance to Fair Housing Act and Income levels can be recorded and reported

Leasing Agents of apartments, single-family rental homes and other rental income properties can use their time much more effectively by managing their contacts quickly and expertly. Sales management software packages however, are usually either expensive or inflexible and hard to learn - some even require learning a macro language or mastering complex search methods.

Rent Roll Pro's Contact Manager makes even detailed and extensive sales and contact management fast and easy.

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