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Entertainment shouldn't be a waste of time; it can challenge your perceptions, thought processes and logical abilities. As much as I dislike the word, the best games are "Edutainment". Entertainment/Educational Software to be released soon

Chess, for instance, is a game that is mentally challenging; people that master it can use that mastery in many ways. The tactics used in Chess are applicable in business; the deductive reasoning it teaches can be used to solve virtually any type of problem; the self-control it requires can help one stay calm and logical amid a crisis.

We currently offer three very different games, which are alike in some aspects - no violence, no manic clicking of buttons. And, most importantly, thought is required of the player.

Our intention is that they teach you something of value, if not directly (like Virtual FruitStand, which illustrates retail management through complex financial modeling techniques), then indirectly (like Sixty & Six) - and that you enjoy playing them.

Virtual FruitStand was designed to be continuing education software but can be tailored to fit any retail business model easily and cost-effectively. For more details contact us via email at: