Virtual FruitStand is like an interactive economics book: it demonstrates fundamental business management techniques.
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Unlike some MBA programs, this is real world economics:

  • how to price products
  • how much advertising is necessary
  • how many workers are needed
  • how much supply will (probably) be needed

Running a retail business is no "piece of cake", but no management training software was available to the public until we launched Virtual FruitStand. If you wanted to run your own small or micro business, especially a retail business, the only school available to teach you was the school of hard knocks.

This business simulation software is suitable for continuing education. The game teaches solid business management techniques by modeling the operation of a simple retail store, a fruit stand.

The management decisions required by this game are actually much more simple than those required in real life, so the novice will not be overwhelmed. For instance, it doesn't try to recreate the confoundedly non-linear supply stream (or lack thereof) of the produce agribusiness. You don't REALLY want to run a produce stand, do you?

Virtual FruitStand teaches the manager / owner how to make personnel, advertising, and purchasing decisions monthly; annually, expansion of operations (the size of the store) must also be addressed when the lease expires.

Complicating things, there are competitors, random factors like accidents, theft and robbery, and rain.

Rain? Yes, weather affects retail sales more than any other factor. Virtual FruitStand uses elastic cumulative demand to recover lost sales, or, conversely, to reduce sales when rain has been below normal for the past months.

Virtual FruitStand also uses our proprietary sales adjustment method to simulate an actual business more accurately.

With the Guide "Off" all the decisions are manual (turn on the calculator). The Character chosen to play also affects the skill required to succeed.

And, success is relative. Your personal income must also be noted; the company might do well, but you don't. Or you may very well work 400 hours a month.

Then, by the time you master it, we'll release the new version with all the characters reacting to the decisions you made last month. And workers that quit unexpectedly or demand a raise (or both). And more realistic recession, inflation, and deflation modeling. Stay tuned.

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