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Who is Jack Haley?Jack Haley of Dial Equities

Jack Haley is a Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dial Equities, Inc. Mr. Haley's primary role in the business is to assist in the analysis of property acquisitions and to analyze refinance and sale opportunities. Dial Equities, Inc. currently manages approximately $250 million worth of income-producing property, all of which was acquired through the efforts of Mr. Haley.

He holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Nebraska. He was a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force and served as a Command Pilot and Administrative Officer for twenty years.

Mr. Haley has served as a member of the Board of Directors on two national banks and frequently serves as a speaker for civic groups.

What Real Estate experience does he have? In his own words...

"I have been using NOI Academy methodology since 1971 when I purchased my first rental house while still a young pilot in the USAF. The first house grew into seven and then I added a four plex. My plan was simple. I wanted my net worth to be growing while I slept.

My knowledge and interest in apartments continued to grow. When I returned from a Viet Nam combat tour in 1970, I formed a Real Estate investment company and continued acquisitions. But now, I was structuring acquisitions of apartment complexes.

In 1977, I acquired a partner, and together, we increased our holdings to approximately 2,500 apartment units before selling 80% of them in 1983 - 1984. At that time, we liquidated our company.

The Tax Reform Act of 1986, reprioritized the parameters involved in owning and operating income producing properties - for the better, in my opinion. Understanding the methodology incorporated in NOI Academy became even more important. For the most part, the tax write-offs associated with properties were gone. Therefore, one better know how to evaluate the economic value of a property if they were going to "play the game".

By 1991, I was an absentee apartment owner and living in Spain. I loved Spain, however, I missed working the numbers and the challenge of the acquisition and I began marketing state-side properties to my Spanish associates.

In 1992 I returned to Omaha, NE and formed Dial Equities Inc. for the purpose of doing it all over again. By June of 1998, Dial Equities, Inc. had negotiated the purchase of 2,200 units in the aggregate amount of $65,000,000 and by August of 2001, approximately $170 million. The parameters of these acquisitions required a 10% cash flow on equity. Every acquisition has met or exceeded that requirement. I am the lead investor in every property we own.

I must add, to accomplish the aforementioned purchases, approximately $1 billion of property was analyzed. The role NOI Academy plays in determining which properties NOT to purchase is equally important as its use in making good acquisitions.

Through my business I deal extensively with people who would like to create net worth by investing in income producing properties. However, I see them hesitating because they do not know how. They fear all the unknowns.

I am confident they could successfully acquire properties if they had the knowledge to overcome the fear. This is why I decided to create NOI Academy- to provide the tool that will overcome fear.

I have designed and personally programmed NOI Academy to incorporate the methodology I have developed and tweaked over the last 28 years. I have programmed myself into the software to make certain you do not miss any steps in an analysis. After three years of programming, NOI Academy is now available. It will give you the knowledge to overcome the fear.

Thanks for visiting our web site."

Jack Haley

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