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Features of NOI Academy Real Estate Investment Software Version 1.34

General Features Point-to-Point Navigation between related screens; Floating Mini-Tool Bars; Info/Error Messages; NOI reports each Line Items' status; One-Click operation of all common functions; multiple What-If scenarios; Checklist Method insures thorough examination of a Property; 999 pairs of active data files; and many other features
 Unit Mix up to 34 pre-set Apartment Types, with Amenities Lists and Sizes; Custom Types for groups of Single-Family Rental Homes, Commercial Rental properties and Multi-Use Developments
Gross Potential Rent 5 Income Sources to choose from; Rent Roll, one of the 3 HD Periods or Market Rent
Other Income 9 Preset and 4 Custom Accounts, Calculated or Overridden Total
Expense Line Items 79 Preset and 40 Custom Accts, Calculated or Overridden Totals
Historical Data 3 Historical Periods; 88 Preset and over 150 Custom Accounts
Rent Roll Up to 414 Units*; Lease Status, Loss-due-to-Lease, Expired Lease and Renewal Audit, Physical & Economic Vacancy Rates
Mortgages and Loans 9 Independent Loans, 8 Concurrent; 3 Variable Interest Loans, 2 Concurrent; Interest Only Periods; Bridge Loans; Equity Sharing; Debt Coverage Ratio Loans and Refinances; Additional Payments; Payoff, Principal and Interest tables
Sources and Uses of Funds

Closing Costs: 11 Preset, 9 Custom Accounts

Initial Capital Improvements: 3 Preset, 17 Custom Accounts

Cash Flow Non-Operating Expense Accounts, Future Equity, Capital Improvements, Capital Expenditures, Disbursements to Investors, 1st Year Cap Rate, Debt Coverage Ratio, Loan to Value, Cash on Cash Return
Internal Rate of Return Percentages of both Cash Reserves and Proceeds from Sale to be Returned to Investors (for one-owner, general or limited partnerships)
Tax Analysis 8 Groups of Depreciation Schedules, Percentages of Operating Expenses Deductable, Customizable Tax Rates, Straight Line or DDB schedules, Residential or Commercial property life
Comparables 6 Comparable Properties' Structures, Features, Sizes and Potential Rents
New Enterprise Reports up to 20 separate properties in one report; disbursements to investors calculable after reserve; IRR after Tax; concurrent graphs for side-by-side comparisons of properties or scenarios

*Rent Roll Pro is limited to 9999 units per property, and can link to NOI Academy

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NOI Home Products Contacts Support Tips Design Screen Shots