NOI Academy Real Estate Investment Software
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NOI Academy is the only Real Estate Investment software package designed by a truly successful investor in the field of Rental Income Real Estate; Jack Haley of Dial Equities in Omaha, Nebraska, which currently holds over $250 million of income producing property.

A complete software package for Windows 95, 98 and ME guaranteed to both give real estate professionals the power they need and lead less experienced investors through complex analyses.
Produces Unit Summary, Sources & Uses of Funds, NOI, Cash Flow, IRR and Taxable Analysis reports that detail key aspects of up to twenty properties at once. Reports are appropriate both for presentation to potential investors and internal evaluation of the potential return on rental investment properties. Includes the most advanced Financing Module in the industry (See Software Specifications, Screen Shots and Design and Capabilities).

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New (release date 9/1/2002) Version 1.34 includes several valuable additional features:

  • Investment and Tax Analysis from Commercial Rental Income Properties
  • New Enterprise Reports module allows both Multi-Use and / or Multi-Property analysis; now everything from single-family rental homes to thousand acre Multi-Use developments "fit" into NOI Academy
  • Multiple concurrent Graphical Reports of risk, income and return allow side-by-side visual comparisons of multiple scenarios or properties
  • Both Before and After Tax Returns on Investment
  • point-and-click Cash Reserve after Disbursement calculations
  • Unit Mix allows entry of Custom Unit Types for single-family rental homes and Multi-Use property analysis
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