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NOI Academy's Other Income Entry Screen

As an example of the careful and meticulous crafting of the software package, examine the Other Income Line Item screen. It allows both power and ease of use for the experienced investor and step-by-step guidance for the less experienced investor. Relevant calculations are also made within the software, so calculators in most cases are not required.

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The new investor doesn't know exactly how to determine a property's Other Income, so Mr. Haley has provided many pre-set accounts to guide them along, which are seen in the example to the right:

(Above) Other Income using Itemized Entry

Notice the discussion of the UDLI (User Defined Line Item) in the notes on the screen. These accounts allow entry and calculation of the unusual or property-specific accounts.

The power user, the mogul-to-be, knows what to expect from Other Income. Let's say it's determined Other Income is more likely to be about $300 per unit; so we turn the calculations on their head and Calculate an Override of the Total of Other Income, seen in the example to the right:

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(Above) Other Income using a Calculated Override

A Calculated Override may also be calculated by "cents per square foot".

Note that no itemized projections need be made before calculating per Unit or per Square Foot, so an experienced investor with first-hand knowledge of the properties and the market can skip all the preceeding steps. NOI Academy also allows overriding a Line Item Total with a specific amount, and entering an amount or overriding the calculation on the NOI screen (examples not shown).

The experienced investor also knows Historical Data provides a more accurate picture of Other Income; so with a double-click the Line Item is changed to Scenario B (see the example to the right):

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(Above) Other Income using Historical Data

Other Income now is determined by the Historical Data (HD) provided by the seller. Another double-click can take you to Other Income's HD Worksheet (not shown), which can contain three year's worth of Other Income sources and amounts.

Beginning to get the picture? Other Income is only one of ten full Line Items. Other Expenses, Maintenance, Payroll, etc. are all as full of features as is Other Income. Each Line Item allows the user to easily switch between projections, overridden amounts, or the seller's historical data. Gross Potential Rent can be derived from a certified Rent Roll, the seller's historical data or from market rent calculated from an itemized Apartment Unit Mix.

The demo program includes working GPR, Other Income and Other Expenses Line Item screens as well as nearly fully operational NOI, Cash Flow, IRR, Sources and Uses, Unit Mix and Setup screens. You can download the demo version of NOI Academy here.

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