Baseball has been labeled a slow game; in truth, it's both slow and fast. And that's what makes it so hard to play at a major league level. click to purchase Sixty Feet, Six Inches for $29.95
Hitting a fastball is said to require the fastest reflexes and reaction time in any major sport; hitting an fastball after a change-up is harder still. Einstein said speed is relative; in baseball it's relative to the last pitch.
This baseball game concentrates on the battle of wits between the pitcher and the hitter. The player decides which pitch to throw, where to throw it, and how fast. The reaction of the hitter is determined both by skill and chance; perfect pitches can be hit, and mistakes can be missed.

Its not all just luck, though. If you throw the wrong pitch in the wrong area chances are much higher it will be hit (and hard). If you throw the wrong pitch at the wrong time, or at the wrong speed, you'll most likely get shelled.

Mix your speeds, locations and pitches up - keep him guessing. And, if he guesses right and takes you deep, tip your cap to him.

Click to purchase Sixty Feet, Six Inches for $29.95

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