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Property Management Software for smaller Rental Collections, Rent Roll Pro LE© (up to 96 units) is for owners and managers with more basic needs and can fit any budget.

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A permanent user license is only $195!

Includes many features of Rent Roll Pro:

  • Limited to 96 units, one property file, one QuickBooks file, one user
  • Complete leasing, billing, contact, sales, and unit management
  • one Rental Collection file; up to 96 unit types with independent addresses, owners, insurance policies (five per type), etc.
  • charge rent and recurring additional charges, supplemental invoices, application fees
  • process payments, credit memos, refunds
  • enter security deposit requirements; process deposits and settlements
  • see the Rent Roll Pro version comparison for more information

Now expanded to 96 units

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Rent Roll Pro LE licensed users within the enhanced support and update period (one year after purchase) can upgrade to Rent Roll Pro by clicking HERE.


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