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Features and Abilities of Rent Roll Pro

The demonstration videos below illustrate some of the features of Rent Roll Pro, its integration of data into QuickBooks©, and how Rent Roll Pro's efficient design allows personnel without QuickBooks training to perform complex accounting procedures.

Rent Roll Pro's Sample File Reader illustrates the data entered into the property management software and the analysis made using that data.

Click the Sample File Reader link in the menu on the left to download the Data File Reader install program.

The sample files give a good indication of the power of using Rent Roll Pro when linked with and creating transactions in QuickBooks Pro. For more information about the Sample Files included with the Demo, and Install Instructions for the Evaluation Version, scroll down to the last section.

NOTE - The names, properties, financial information, property conditions and analyses contained in the example files and reports of are purely fictitious and do not represent: any person, living or dead; any corporate entity or company; or any property or group of properties.

Informational Videos

The following movies are in Flash video format; they also require scripting, controls, and may trigger some Pop-Up blockers. For best results use at least a 17-inch monitor with a 1024 x 768 desktop.

Features of Rent Roll Pro (V2.3)

Expanded features of Rent Roll Pro V2.5

Advantages and Features of Rent Roll Pro

Rent Roll Pro NetPack Advantages and Features

  • Access Rent Roll Pro, and Integrate with QuickBooks Pro from multiple computers
  • Two simultaneous users access Rent Roll Pro data
  • Multiple entry licenses allow simultaneous access to multiple property files
  • Remote Data Sharing; QuickBooks Integration

Example Reports (pdf files)

Adobe Reader is required to view these files: click HERE to get Adobe Reader.

These files were created from data entered in the sample files (see below). These are a small sample of the available reports from inside Rent Roll Pro and Contact Manager.

The Rent Roll Pro Sample Files
Three sample Rent Roll Pro property files are included with the Sample File Reader Program; the first is for an apartment complex, the second for a Rental Collection, and the last is for a commercial retail and office complex. A Rental Collection can include duplexes, triplexes, quads, condos as well as single-family rental homes.
The QuickBooks sample file included with the Sample File Reader is installed into the QBooks folder within the destination directory (by default, c:\program files (x86)\rrpro\QBooks). This file contains the transactions, accounts, entities, items, classes, etc. created by integration with the sample files of Rent Roll Pro. It is in QuickBooks Pro 2015 format, but can be opened by almost all QuickBooks products of that year or later.

Evaluation Version Initial Setup Instructions

For a more complete understanding of the capabilities of Rent Roll Pro download and install the Evaluation Version and link a Rent Roll Pro property file to a desktop version of QuickBooks. The necessary files for local integration for early versions of QuickBooks can be obtained by clicking the links on the bottom of the Rent Roll Pro main page. The data files created by the Evaluation Version can be used with the full version of Rent Roll Pro or NetPack.

If an error message is displayed during install of the Evaluation Version, or a message indicating the Trial License has expired is shown when attempting to run the program, contact us during the hours of 9:30AM-6PM Eastern US Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays, at (803) 764-3637. After hours and on weekends contact us via EMail at and include contact information including the hours available. Note that EMail can be sometimes delayed, particularly when sent outside of normal business hours.
If no errors occur during install and a previous version of the software has not been installed, an Administrator Password must first be setup: enter the Administrator password when prompted and confirm the password. The password is case sensitive. Keep a record of the password to allow full access to the property files and file manager.
  1. Start Rent Roll Pro via the icon on the Desktop.
  2. Click OK if an error message "No default printer font exists" is shown.
  3. Click No when a prompt asking "Register Rent Roll Pro?" is shown.

The evaluation license is good for 20 days; the day of the license expiration will be shown. The data entered is not removed if the license expires, the evaluation version can be updated to a full version (even converted to a NetPack, and the data migrated to a server or another location).

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