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Rent Roll Pro's NetPack© with Bundled Rental Contact Manager extend and expand Rent Roll Pro to fit multi-user offices, remote use, and for all commerical properties.

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Compatible with remote use software; access Rent Roll Pro anywhere, anytime.


The NetPack expands the capabilities of Rent Roll Pro:

  • New in Version 2.5 - A read only Rental Contact Manager user has been added to the standard license package. For $895 three users can use the software simultaneously; two Contact Manager users (one read only), and one Property Manager user.
  • New in Version 2.5 - A Common Unit Mix report has been added to the Multi-File reporter, which can generate a list of all unit types or properties across all files.
  • New in Version 2.5 - A Common Rent Roll report has been added to the Multi-File reporter to create one report from all property files.
  • The NetPack Client is compatible with remote desktop, Intuit's Remote Access (full version), and other remote use solutions from Citrix, LogMeIn, Sun,, etc. (see below for more information, or email or call us).
  • up to ten scheduled and / or five historical rent adjustments or renewals for current lessees; up to ten scheduled adjustments for new lessees; up to five historical adjustments for previous lessees
  • the Commercial Rent Roll report lists all lease tiers of current and new lessees with Rent per Square Foot calculations.
  • generate parallel invoices for multiple types of subsidies
  • take common payments for subsidy invoices
  • includes multi-file reporters for vacancies, a common unit mix, etc.
  • add multiple concurrent entry users (multiple property files only, requires purchase of additional license) in both the NetPack and Contact Manager.
  • up to 288 unit types per file
  • bill on multiple days of the month per file
  • redirect the data path to a server, another computer, or a public folder
  • Client installers for additional computers and remote users
  • see versions comparison for more information

Multiple Users across Networks

With one Rent Roll Pro NetPack, three users across a Windows network can access the Rent Roll Pro and Contact Manager data. With the purchase of additional licenses additional Property Manager users can make concurrent entries in separate Rent Roll Pro files or setup independent file groups; now in Version 2.5 each additional user license also adds another concurrent Contact Manager entry user.

New for Version 2.5 - The Common Unit Mix (added to the Multi-File Reporter) lists all unit types for all files; the Common Rent Roll lists units and lessees for all lists. Commercial Rent Roll Lease Escalations/Adjustments and reports have been added. Parallel invoices can be generated for up to seven types of subsidies per property file, allowing easy subsidy invoicing and single-check payment application for all subsidized lessees of a property file. Expanded to allow up to 288 unit types per property file. Billing exceptions can change the rent due dates for chosen units. Data files can be redirected to servers, public folders, or any available local network path.

Multiple Simultaneous Entry Users

With the purchase of additional licenses, multiple users on a Windows network can enter Rent Roll Pro data into separate property files simultaneously. One simultaneous user of Rent Roll Pro NetPack and one simultaneous user of the Bundled Rental Contact Manager is included with the NetPack; additional NetPack user licenses can be purchased per NetPack install, and multiple installs on a single computer are allowed, expanding Rent Roll Pro to fit any operation.

The user in the Bundled Rental Contact Manager, can take payments, process applications, take security deposits, and any sales or contact information tasks. The Rent Roll Pro NetPack user, if the Contact Manager is in use by another user, can perform any task except process applications, change or add contact information.

A power user can use both Rent Roll Pro and Contact Manager at the same time: this allows quickly switching between taking payments and maintenance requests, for example.

Users can be added to NetPack and Contact Manager with the purchase of additional licenses; each property file in the NetPack may have one concurrent entry user.

NetPack Requirements:

  • a Windows compatible network; wired connections recommended, 1Gb switches and Ethernet cards recommended for larger files and multiple users, 350Mb or higher cabling recommended
  • read and write user rights to the Rent Roll Pro data path directories (full rights are required when installing)
  • a QuickBooks user license for each concurrent entry user
  • QuickBooks Enterprise recommended for multiple concurrent remote entry users

To purchase Rent Roll Professional NetPack for $895 - click HERE

Add a user license to Rent Roll Pro NetPack for $805 - click HERE

Add a user license to Rent Roll Pro NetPack (same install, w/o additional support) for $610 - click HERE

Rent Roll Pro licensed users within the enhanced support and update period (six months after purchase) can upgrade to NetPack by clicking HERE.


Solutions for Multiple Locations and Multiple Users

The NetPack Client can be used to allow remote user access via remote desktop and other fully Windows network compatible remote access solutions. QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise may be required or advised for multiple concurrent remote entry users; each concurrent entry user requires a NetPack licence and a unique install directory for each NetPack Client (contact support at for detailed installed instructions and assistance).

Additional licenses purchased by the same entity are eligible for compounding 10% discounts. Contact for more information (and current quotes).

Remote consolidation techniques via file transfer from QuickBooks and Rent Roll Pro allow creating and maintaining summary and/or mirror accounting files. For multiple licensees, Transfer Out and Transfer In support are provided by Soft Green Corp without additional charge for users with current enhanced support and upgrade subscriptions.

Contact us (see the EMail link above) for more information, or to send comments or suggestions on the expansion of our product line.


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