Rent Roll Pro© Features, Capabilities and Limits
Capability or Limit
Property Files 999, each with a designated QuickBooks company file. Multiple property files can link to the same QuickBooks company; a Main Income Item, Class, and / or sub-accounts for Bank, Income, and AR can define the owner, subsidiary or property. Rent Roll Pro LE has one property file.
Units 9999 per property file; Rent Roll Pro LE is limited to 96 units.
Contacts 99,999; user-defined Tags and Tag Groups, user-defined Custom Dates, Flash Links between records, multiple addresses, Lessee History, QuickBooks account information (including payments, credit memos, supplemental invoices, miscellaneous income, statements, etc.) , Lease Application transactions and information, unlimited* co-lessees, responsible parties, agents, common contractors, etc. The NetPack standard license package allows an entry user in the Rental Contact Manager, one read only user in the Contact Manager while an entry user is in the Property Management modules.
Unit Types Rent Roll Pro, 108 per property file. Preset (floor plan or commercial type), custom, unit ident; Rental Collection Files allow independent addresses, Security Deposit Amounts and Insurance information. Rent Roll Pro LE is limited to 96 unit types.

The Rent Roll Pro NetPack allows 288 Unit Types per property file.

Lessees per Unit unlimited* in the Rental Contact Manager
Wait List per Unit 3, plus New Lessee
Application Fees 7 per property file, each waivable or mandatory
Additional Fees 70 per property file, including Application Fees; recurring fees can be a contractual amount, floating price, or shared percentage of common fees (Rent Roll Pro or NetPack only); the NetPack version allows setup of up to 10 different types of subsidies.
Previous Lessee History 3 per Unit (RRPro/NetPack/LE), unlimited* Rental Contact Manager
Maintenance Contractors 999 per property file; N/A in Rent Roll Pro LE., Unlimited* Rental Contact Manager
Maintenance Requests 999 per property file; N/A in Rent Roll Pro LE
Maintenance Jobs 9999 per property file; N/A in Rent Roll Pro LE
Billing and Transactions

QuickBooks invoices created by Rent Roll Pro directly into the linked company file for: application fees and other pre-lease charges, cancellation fees, pro-rated first rent (including recurring additional fees), recurring rental with fixed, floating or common (CAM) additional fees, supplemental fees, pro-rated last rent (including recurring additional fees), post-lease damages and / or break lease fees, post-lease supplemental fees, security deposit transfer checks, security deposit refund checks, security deposits, miscellaneous income; Monthly or Monthly and Daily Late Fees (with optional delay on daily late charges) in Rent Roll Pro and NetPack (not LE).

New for Version 2.5; the Rent Roll Pro (not LE) includes up to five historical rent adjustments or renewals per current lessee, up to one scheduled renewal or adjustment per current and new lessee.

The Rent Roll Pro LE has only Unit and Application Fee types of additional fees.

The NetPack has all the features of Rent Roll Pro, plus: (1) up to ten types of subsidies, with parallel invoices created for each recurring subsidy and common payment application of each subsidy type; (2) up to 30 additional billing days per property file; (3) up to five historical rent adjustments or renewals per current and previous lessee, up to ten scheduled rent adjustments or renewals per current and new lessee.

Lease Status Month to Month, No Lease, Renewal Notice Needed, Renewal Needed, Check Lease Expiration Date, Expired
Security Deposits set amount, minimum amount, default amount plus or minus; amount (or minimum, default plus and / or minus) per Unit Type; market rent percentage (or minimum, default plus and / or minus). Deposit Requirement are distinct from deposits, allowing unpaid deposits to be reported.
Main Screen Analysis Physical Economic Vacancy, Economic Vacancy. Gross Potential Rent (aka Gross Rent Potential), Loss to Lease, and Loss to Vacancy; each of these per property, per unit, and per square foot. Unit Info Screen showing occupied units, scheduled moves out and in via color code. Colored, user defined, and groupable Unit Tags. Total Contract Rent and Total Rent (including subsidies) in the Rent Roll Pro NetPack.
Unit Mix Analysis

Potential income per month, per year; unit type total potential income per month, year, square foot, total square foot; average market rent, market rent per square foot.

New for version 2.5; the NetPack includes a Global Unit Mix report for all files.

Property Types Apartment, Rental Collection, Commercial; LE - Rental Collection only
Settlement Agreement with custom clause; Work Orders/Stop Work Orders with custom clause; payment and security deposit receipts. Late, Demand Payment, and Eviction Notices with custom clauses, Lease Renewal offer with custom clause, one user defined notice or message.

Up to seven attached files for each property file, unit, and / or contact record.

Export Files
CSV with named field information from Lessee, Contact, Audits, Rent Roll List, Invoice Reports, Contact Reports, Rent Roll Transaction Report; merge into any full featured word processor, spreadsheet, etc. to create custom reports, documents, etc.
Maintenance Reporting location, date period, status, job type, contractor, Due Status, Priority Status, or combinations. Rent Roll Pro LE has no maintenance capabilities and reporting.
Contacts Reports address, lessee status, category, name, contractor, applicant, phone number, email, Custom Dates (and within date periods), Expired Custom Dates, Custom Dates, Contact Tags, Flash Links to, Contact Tag Groups.
Lessee History Reports property, unit, or unit type; unit and property; unit type and property; NetPack only - historical rent roll; past Moves In and/or Out (see Rent Roll Audits, below).
Traffic Reports optional date period; property, unit, or unit type; unit and property; unit type and property; FHA compliance optionally printed
Analytical Reports full Financial Report (see Instant Analysis), Net Rental Income Forecast, Billing Detail, QuickBooks Transactions by Unit, Periodic Economic Vacancy, Absorption, current Occupancy, Periodic Occupancy, Unit Type Report, Unit Info Screen
Rent Roll Audits Expired Leases, Leases needing Renewal Notice, Leases needing Renewal, No Lease, Expire less than [entered number of days], Month to Month, Vacancies, Contract Rent less than Market Rent, future or past Moves In and/or Out, Expired Moves, Security Deposit Refunds, availability by date (permanent and short-term), user-defined unit tags, missing history, lease renewal dates, Unit Tag, Unit Tag Group.
Vacancy Audit Unit, Ready Status (ready date if applicable), Unit Type (and Info)
Move(s) Audit Unit, (New/Current/Previous) Lessee, Move In Date, Move Out Date, Unit Type, availability
Status Summary Encompasses summary lease management, maintenance, and billing statuses into a single report and screen.
Late Fees Includes History and complete pre-billing report and lessee-by-lessee control of Monthly, or Monthly and Daily with optional daily late fee delay. (Not in LE.)
Accounting Rental and Security Deposit Account transactions are directly entered into QuickBooks by Rent Roll Pro; quicker, easier and more fail safe entry of transactions, all of the full featured accounting of QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise
Multi-Property Accounting Class, Sub-Class for Units, Owner Classes, Main Income Item, Income Item Prefix, sub accounts; independent QuickBooks accounting files for each property file (Rent Roll Pro and NetPack only).
QuickBooks integration Applicant to customer, Lessee to customer, Unit Types to Invoice Items, Contractors to Vendors, Additional and Application Fees to Invoice Items, Accounts/Sub Accounts as necessary, Classes/Sub Classes; QuickBooks Integration Audits; Unit Transaction Report; Rent Roll and Transaction Report
QuickBooks Transactions Invoices: rental (with multiple recurring additional fees), subsidies (NetPack only), supplemental, application fees, cancellation fees, damages and/or break lease fees at settlement; Security Deposits (with liability offset); payments and credit memos; Security Deposit refunds (with liability reduction); application of Security Deposit to damages and/or rental balance at settlement; payment refunds; miscellaneous income invoices and payments; Monthly & Daily Late Fees, Daily Late Fees.
QuickBooks Reports Unit Transactions, Open Invoices, Paid Invoices, Past Due Invoices, Customer Statements, Current Balance, Payments, Credit Memos, Current Balances, Security Deposit Statements, Unpaid Subsidy Invoices (NetPack only), Rent Roll Transaction report
QuickBooks versions Pro, Premier, Enterprise; 2004 or later. QuickBooks Canada 2010 Pro or Premier or later.
Permanent, transferable* (contact us for details). Rent Roll Pro and LE install on one computer; Rent Roll Pro NetPack one Host (per license) install and client installs, and one mirror Host install.
Six month download update subscription with purchase; additional six month update subscriptions voluntary thereafter.

Rent Roll Pro LE $195

Rent Roll Pro $595

Rent Roll Pro NetPack standard licensing package $895

Additional purchases are discounted 10% (compounding with each additional purchase, subject to minimums)

Six month upgrade subscriptions via download, Rent Roll Pro US$129.95, NetPack US$189.95.

All Prices in US$, and are subject to change without notice. Prices for Rent Roll Pro and the NetPack include free telephone support.

Telephone support of Rent Roll Pro (2hrs) and NetPack (3 hrs); includes help with QuickBooks regarding integration with Rent Roll Pro or NetPack, and necessary property management functions in QuickBooks. See support policies for more information.
Operating Systems Windows 7 to version 10; Windows Server 2008 to 2016.

Rent Roll Pro NetPack is required for public and / or multi-user access in full featured Windows networks.

disk space less than 4MB (one property file, 500 contacts) to near 500MB (100 property files, 10,000 contacts), excluding QuickBooks requirements
networks Operation and Integration with QuickBooks across a local Windows network requires Rent Roll Pro NetPack.
concurrent users Rent Roll Pro and LE, one concurrent.

RRPro NetPack, one property manager entry user included with standard license package; plus one sales & leasing agent entry user and one sales & leasing agent read only users concurrent in Rental Contact Manager; additional concurrent NetPack entry users can be added with the purchase of additional licenses, but in all cases are limited to one concurrent entry user per property file. Each additional license in the NetPack also adds an additional concurrent entry user in the Rental Contact Manager.

Capability or Limit

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