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The videos below illustrate some of the techniques used in versions 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5 of Rent Roll Pro and the NetPack, integration of data into QuickBooks Pro, and how to perform complex accounting procedures. Some videos are applicable to certain versions of the programs; an indication of v2.3+, for instance, means that video pertains to versions 2.3 and later.

The following movies have no sound and mostly are in Flash video format (note MP4 designations); they also require scripting, controls, and may trigger some Pop-Up blockers. For best results use at least a 17-inch monitor with a 1024 x 768 desktop. To slow the videos click and hold the "slider" on the progress bar below the movie.

Evaluation Version Installation and Initial Setup Instructions, scroll down or click HERE.

Support Policies and other information click HERE.

The Microsoft support page for the Help patch click HERE.

The License Reset Utility for Rent Roll Pro (all except the NetPack) - click HERE.

The License Reset Utility for the NetPack - click HERE.

The QuickStart Guide - "Rent Roll Pro QuickStart.pdf" - file size 7.44 MB

Initial Setup

Current Lessees

Removing and Inserting Units

NetPack v2.3+ Network Setup

Property Setup and Setup Screens - QuickBooks Integration

Rent Roll Pro's Contact Manager

Lease Applications and Security Deposits - Contact Manager

Future Residents (see also Lease Applications, above)

Rental Invoices and Payments; QuickBooks Integration

Subsidies and Subsidy Payments

Moving residents out

Rent Roll Audits

Deferred Security Deposit Refunds; QuickBooks Integration

  • Batch refunds
  • Security deposit refund audit
  • Single refund
  • Settlement refund check - QuickBooks Example

Returned Checks (QuickBooks)

Security Deposit Settlement Corrections


Unit Tags


QuickBooks Integration Errors

Evaluation Version Initial Setup Instructions

For a more complete understanding of the capabilities of Rent Roll Pro download and install the Evaluation Version and link a Rent Roll Pro property file to QuickBooks Pro. The necessary files for local integration can be obtained by clicking the links on the bottom of the Rent Roll Pro main page. The data files created by the Evaluation Version can be used with the full version of Rent Roll Pro or NetPack.

If an error message is displayed during install of the Evaluation Version, or a message is shown when attempting to run the program, contact us during the hours of 9:30AM-6PM Eastern US Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays, at (803) 764-3637, and when instructed, click HERE to run the reset utility.

After hours and on weekends contact us via E-mail at and include contact information including the hours available. Note that E-mail can be sometimes delayed, particularly when sent outside of normal business hours.

If no errors occur during install and a previous version of the software has not been installed, an Administrator Password must first be added. Enter the Administrator password when prompted, and confirm the password; the password is case sensitive. Keep a record of the password to allow full access to the property files and file manager.

The evaluation license is good for 20 days. When running the program after the initial start, click No when a prompt asking "Register Rent Roll Pro?" is shown; the day of the license expiration will be shown.


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